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How to Force Feed a Cat

When it comes to taking care of our cat, sometimes we have to do “unpleasant” things, such as force feeding our cats. In this article you’ll learn how to force feed a cat. Remember that if there is any problem of this kind, the first step is to take your cat to the vet for proper examination quickly.

Many times the vet will tell you to force feed the cat with plenty of food and water in situations where the life of your pet is at stake. The method to do this sometimes remains elusive for the common cat owner, let’s see how it is done:

The first step is to buy the tool you’ll use: a syringe. Don’t worry, you are not going to inject anything to your cat. We won’t use the needle, just the plastic part.

Once you have the syringe, grab wet cat food and add water to it (mix it on a container or bowl), until it reaches a semi-liquid state. Your goal is to let the food pass through the syringe.

Now it is time to interact with your cat. Make sure you don’t look suspicious and menacing as your cat can catch that. Force feeding is unpleasant for cats also. Do not make any associations by calling your cat or announcing what you are about to do.

Grab your cat so the back is resting against you, and put the syringe in the corner of the cat’s mouth, facing a little upwards. Now push the food with the syringe, but don’t do it fast. Now at this point you may notice that everything is becoming a big mess, but that is normal as the cat fights with the force feeding.

Finally, praise your cat and give positive reinforcement for feeding.

Although many of the food will be all over the floor, you can at least rest assured your cat ate at something! Mess is to be expected in these cases, and well that’s something we must learn to deal with when it comes to the health of our cats.


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